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Risk-taking behavior, illegal activity, interpersonal problems and a loss of interest in your usual activities are signs that you may be abusing drugs or alcohol. Abuse implies that your use of a chemical substance is putting you in dangerous situations, jeopardizing your health or making you neglect important commitments at home, school or work.

Christopher Straley is a mental health counselor specializing in treating patients who have a chemical dependency on drugs or alcohol. Whether counseling addicts or those who fear they will become addicts, a Christopher Straley works with his client to help them overcome their dependency and become self-sufficient. Working closely with the family of the client as substance abuse inevitably affects the loved ones of the chemically dependent person. 

I help people struggling with addiction and trauma cope with their emotional pain and lead meaningful, fulfilling lives. My passion is to help you find your place with others, understand your emotions, and learn to cope with difficult problems so you can enjoy wholehearted relationships.

Substance misuse, or addiction to drugs or alcohol, is a recognized medical brain disorder. This psychiatric illness refers to the misuse of illegal or legal substances such as alcohol, opiates, cocaine, marijuana, and so on. Substance misuse causes serious problems at work, school, in relationships, and at home.

Some of the techniques used in treatment:

  • Working with the clients to gain or maintain employment

  • Helping the client understand the nature of their addiction

  • Helping the client to have the support networks they need to break free of addiction

  • Helping the client create concrete plans to improve their life

  • Working with the clients family to help them heal from the trauma inflicted by addiction

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