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Gay Pride Celebrations


  • Relationship Specialists


  • Certified Sex Therapist


  • Clinical Social Worker Therapist


The Mayor's Office of

LGBTQ Affairs

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Connect LGBTQ residents with the city services they may need. Advocate on behalf of programs and policies that benefit the lives of LGBTQ residents.  Provide grants to community based organizations who serve the LGBTQ community and LGBTQ youth experiencing homelessness. Host events that enrich, promote, and bring together the LGBTQ community of the District


Capital Pride

The Capital Pride Alliance, through its stewardship of diverse programming and events, specifically year-round LGBTQ+ Pride festivities centered in Washington, DC and the National Capital Region, serves to celebrate, educate, support, and inspire our multi-faceted communities in order to grow and preserve our history and protect our rights for current and future generations.




The D.C. Center for the LGBT Community is a go-to resource for several group meetings.

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