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Providing thoughtful and caring psychotherapy to individuals, couples, and groups around a range of issues including relationships, sexual issues, LGBTQ+ concerns, mens issues, and substance use /misuse.

Relationship Counseling

When the communication and connection in your relationship is strained, it can become increasingly challenging to work through both big and small issues. Whether you’re in heated arguments far too often or are ignoring the issues at hand, losing the ability to connect and communicate can lead to stress, frustration and loneliness.

Sex Therapy

Sexual issues can be difficult to face, but it is vital that you seek help. While many believe they can wait these problems out or solve them alone, this is generally not the case. Issues concerning sexuality can go much deeper than simple physicality. Getting to the root of the issue and working on them is pivotal to getting your sex life back to normal.

Group Therapy

A group consists of 6 to 10 members meeting each week who have things in common and who can be helpful partners for each other’s growth. The therapist guides the discussion, providing a productive examination of the issues or concerns affecting each member.


Risk-taking behavior, illegal activity, interpersonal problems and a loss of interest in your usual activities are signs that you may be abusing drugs or alcohol. Abuse implies that your use of a chemical substance is putting you in dangerous situations, jeopardizing your health or making you neglect important commitments at home, school or work.


Chris Straley provides clinical supervision and case consultation to individuals and groups as part of their ongoing professional development, accrual of hours towards licensure, and graduate school program curriculum.

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