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When the communication and connection in your relationship is strained, it can become increasingly challenging to work through both big and small issues. Whether you’re in heated arguments far too often or are ignoring the issues at hand, losing the ability to connect and communicate can lead to stress, frustration and loneliness. Healthy communication, where both partners can be open and transparent is important in every relationship. 

Many of the concerns and life challenges LGBTQ people bring to therapy are those common among all people. All couples argue over many of the same things—money, sex, the in-laws, quality time—and all people are subject to the same kinds of daily stressors, such as mood swings, workplace concerns, or low self-esteem.

Though many therapists may be qualified to help, sometimes LGBTQ clients feel more comfortable with an LGBTQ therapist, or at least with a therapist who specializes in or has a great deal of experience with LGBTQ issues. 

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