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A group consists of 6 to 10 members meeting each week who have things in common and who can be helpful partners for each other’s growth. The therapist guides the discussion, providing a productive examination of the issues or concerns affecting each member.

Seek out the support you need from people who know where you’re coming from.


While the LGBTQ community has plenty of strengths — from natural creativity to a deep sense of empathy forged through the coming out process — we consistently struggle with fostering intimacy in our romantic relationships.

“Group therapy can allow us to build a community of LGBTQ outside of sexual or romantic relationships,” he says. “It provides a kind of safe space to deal with the complex feelings related to intimacy.”


Christopher Straley's Groups

Sexual Health in Recover Group

Sexual Health in Drug and Alcohol Recovery - A Psychotherapy Group for Bisexual and Gay Men who: struggle to maintain their meth recovery because of their sexual behavior; feel motivated to improve their sexual health; feel ready to stop using meth; have experienced negative consequences from their sexual behavior, such as romantic relationship conflicts, sexually transmitted infections, unintended pregnancies, relapse in drug and alcohol recovery, or financial, legal or occupational problems.

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